I am a professional digital strategist, a writer, editor, and content creator for digital, print, social media, mobile app and video platforms. I completed my MSc in International Relations from the London School of Economics and Political Science in 2014 and hope to combine my previous work in digital media with my passion for international media and development.

At the US Embassy London, I worked in the public affairs office and helped run various social media campagians as well as assisted Ambassador Matthew Barzun with school outreach and digital media projects. Previously, at Better Homes and Gardens, launched their food blog, managed the creation of weekly email newsletters, worked on numerous social media campaigns, and assisted with app development. I worked as on-air video talent, wrote stories for print magazines, and managed a team of interns as well as a team of contracted bloggers.

In addition to international relations, I am a passionate food writer and have worked extensively as an editor on-set for Kraft Food’s four major magazines and websites while a digital editor with Meredith Xcelerated Marketing. Lastly, I can’t forget my favorite digital passion: SEO. Not only did I help recategorize bhg.com to improve SEO and general ranking, but I also consult on a freelance basis to help small businesses increase SEO rank.


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